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National Storm Solutions utilizes a light tunnel to ensure accurate estimates and the highest quality control standards.


Our job specific divisions minimize loss adjustment expenses for our partners and ourselves. A dedicated estimation division is solely responsible for all of our appraisals. Expert staff dedicated to estimating alone, are not distracted by the responsibilities of other duties and are able to focus and perform fulsome, accurate estimates. Accurate estimates allow us to offer a ‘no supplement guarantee’ with every vehicle. Thorough estimates make our time-to-repair productivity. Kept completion times also satisfy customer pick-up commitments
Our digital hail-matrix provides the capacity to maximize fulsome damage identification, the affected areas and the required restoration routes. These clearly defined restoration provisions expedites work to the appropriate department, results in a significant decrease in ‘lost time’ as well as simultaneously increasing valuable production time.

National Storm Solutions was
the first company in Canada to utilize inflatable estimation tents that are deployable
anywhere within 24 hours.

Our company culture has been moulded around the idea of offering an outstanding claims experience for your clients. The knowledge possessed by our staff is at the pinnacle of industry education. It is our pleasure to be a source of knowledge and comfort as we effectively communicate the hail repair process to your clients.