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Every hail storm produces potential customers that are just not sure where to have their vehicle fixed. Estimates need to be written, vehicles restored and claims closed. The challenge for the hail-damage affected is to identify the best possible repair location; the challenge for every body shop is to make sure that potential clients turn into life-long customers. National Strom Solutions  has all of the material necessary to implement a successful marketing campaign. Our company is fully branded with a plethora of marketing products that generate new business. Let National Storm Solutions show your clients why you are the best choice for vehicle repairs. 

Newspaper Advertisement

National Strom Solution uses newspaper advertisement to attract clients through ads as well as articles. We take advantage of the hail damage buzz by bringing news reporters to your body shop to see how and where we are repairing the damage. This kind of media attention brings new business to our clients and ourselves that otherwise could have been lost. 

Benefits to our Newspaper Campaigns

  • Better local market penetration than magazines
  • Generally more effective than other media outlets
  • Immediate market response
  • Daily newspapers mean ads can be tweaked last minute
  • Reporter coverage of the storm is more likely
    according to the market