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Nss Advantage

National Storm Solutions
Provides a complete solution to the automotive hail claim process. Dedicated, skilled and experienced staff is at your service, as we work together towards the goal of complete restoration. The ability to consolidate highly skilled labour with exceptional client care is what illuminates NSS as a natural choice in the hail repair industry.
Clear Insurance Communication
National Storm Solutions adds transparency in the tracking of claims. You will receive a login code that can be used to access our repair schedule. Accessing the repair schedule through our website you will have the opportunity to track the progress of your claims. There is management always on-site giving you access to staff that can answer questions and solve challenges quickly and efficiently.
Customer Education
It is our company intention to be a source of comfort and knowledge to every client that we encounter. Our representatives give one-on-one consultation explaining the hail repair process. National Storm Solutions literature (English/French) containing company information is also provided to your clients, allowing them to learn more about us and our practices after the estimate and in their own time. NSS is a multi-lingual company able to communicate with your clients in English, French, Italian and Mandarin.
Rent-A-Max Guarantee
Our master technicians have the skill and experience to perform the highest quality work without jeopardizing deadlines. National Storm Solutions’s Rent-A-Max guarantee ensures that any vehicle that can be fully repaired utilizing the paintless dent repair method is accomplished within a 72 hour period. (Sunday hours excluded). Any rental car fees incurred after the 72hr period are paid by National Storm Solutions
Quality Control Management
A standardized quality control process is undertaken with every repair to ensure all customers receive the same high standard of repair that has become synonymous with National Storm Solutions. The attention that we have placed on the consistency of quality has allowed us to maintain an unblemished service record.