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Last year, Regina was hit with one of the worst storms it has seen in recent history. It was estimated that over 9000 cars were damaged by the hail stones that pelted the city. To help service the city as best we could, we partnered with Regina’s most advanced body shop Universal Collision (UCC). Through Radio, Television, billboards and the internet, we cemented UCC as the premiere service center for the cities automotive hail damage.
To Jesse Hallaran,
During the storm we had on June 4th 2013 in Regina, we had our first meeting. That meeting has become a strong, long-term relationship that has been a great experience for me. We had met with other companies that offered their services for repairing our customer’s vehicles. After witnessing the level of professionalism and preparedness you and your team had, the choice for me was clear.
Since that day you and the employees of National Storm Solutions have gone above and beyond to ensure everything you promised became a reality. From your management staff to your highly qualified technicians, your company didn’t miss a beat.
I look forward to the continued success of our business partnership in the future.
If I could only say one thing to you it would be a heartfelt “Thank you.”
PJ Morris


If anyone was to ask me about getting a hail storm after working with national storm solutions, I would say bring it on!!!

II lost lots of time and energy in the past working with other company that were not organized and/or competent. National Storm Solutions came in and did the job with little to no disruption with my day to day tasks. It was an awesome experience.

Truly a First Company

True to their word, everything was done completely on the timeline they outlined. We had no comebacks and will definitely refer any other companys or individuals to use them for any dent repairs they have Truly, a first class company.

Jesse, Brendan, Damien, Chris and all the staff are great people. Hard to find in today’s world all the time.

Rod Oszust
General Sales Manager
Southside Dodge Chrysler Jeep

Following an unfortunate accident with kids playing around my car, the passenger door on my brand new KIA Optima SX was dented. I brought my car to Jesse Hallaran from National Storm Solutions.

He instantly stopped what he was doing and surveyed the damage to my door. Without hesitation he told me to bring the car in the shop right away.

He immediately started work, explaining in detail what he was doing and answering any questions I had When done he spent the time to make sure I was satisfied with his work. I have seldom been as pleased with work done to my car. Jesse’s knowledge, professionalism, dedication, attention to detail, and respect for the clients needs makes him a true asset to this industry.

I would strongly recommend to anyone who needed bodywork done to his/her car Satisfaction and service with a smile guaranteed.

Many thanks

Alexandre de Courville
KIA Optima SX Owner | Orleans, ON


Jesse, I have compiled statistics from our certifications in Canada. I thought you would be interested in where your team lines up with the other companies in Canada. You mentioned that the test seemed easy to you. Considering that you landed in the top 10% of all Masters and in the top 6% of all Technicians, I can see why you said that. You should be proud of this achievement!
Also, your team is the only team to have two Level 3 Masters (almost 1/3 of all Level 3 Masters), another fact to brag about considering your team represents only 14% of Certified Technicians. Even more impressive is that of the seven Level 3 Masters, you and Louis are the only ones to do it in three scans (all the other Level 3 Masters took four scans). This puts you in “the best of the best” #2 tech in Canada. You truly are at the top of your game. Congratulations!!
Alan L Anderson, AIC, GRP
Property Programs Director
Vale Training Solutions
After our entire lot was damaged by the 2012 Ottawa hail storm, we decide to hire 4 of Canada’s largest company’s to get our severely damaged vehicles repair. Almost immediately the company’s empty promises started to stack up and one by one they where fired. National Storm Solutions was now the last company to depend upon. And they pulled off the operation without a glitch.
NSS is honest, professional, kept promises, deadlines, quality went above and beyond where other company’s would not. At the end of day, there was only one team that exceeded our expectations and helped turn this devastating experience into a positive.
When I was asked if I could be used as a reference my reply was anytime! I will not only give a reference but I encourage them to do so and quite honestly, I look forward to each and every time.
Michel, BEL-AIR Lexus Toyota
Owner / Dealer Principal


It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jesse Hallaran and his team. If you are meeting Jesse, it’s because a storm just hit you. If you are like me, you haven’t had this experience before, and you are meeting other storm solution providers right now as well. Frankly, you are probably overwhelmed and the phones are already ringing off the hook. Great News. Jeese Found you! Yes we did referance check, but lets face it, you need to figure out now which PDR to say yes to NOW, before they are selected by your competitor. Here was why Jesse and his team were the right decision for us:
  • They installed themselves quickly.
  • They were able to immediately supply point of sale so that customers coming on the lot knew where to go for the appraisal.
  • They were quickly able to work with us to supply insight on process changes we would require. Phone answering, appraisal scheduling, new security measures for extended hours, you name it. Daily meetings at first. when our team was overwhelmed, Jesse was there to offer support, comfort, and confidence that we could get it done together.
  • They were willing to work with another PDR. Our franchisor insists on their PDR for certain insurers. You might think this could become a problem, but it wasn’t. This professionalism was part of their daily work.
  • They meet with each client, along with your appraiser, to sell the job. No matter how backed up conventional repair might get, they were so strong with their impression on clients, the insured waited.
  • They stayed until the job was done. When another storm hit in another province, and other competitors lost their PDRs, they reassured us that they were here until they were done.
  • They do great work. They are professional. They arrive early, they stay late. Your staff culture will quickly model Jesse’s work ethic, if it doesn’t already!
  • Their paperwork is excellent, and they will work with you when you get into trouble on an appraisal.
As I write this testimonial, we know we still have several months left working with Jesse and his team. Yet I am unreserved that none of the above will change between now and then as I write this. I expect Jesse will be a friend to our team for years to come, long after his job here is complete. And that suits me just fine. We had a storm, and I found a new friend. Paul Giacomin President Fix Auto Ottawa Innes Ottawa Ontario
Paul Giacomin
Fix Auto Ottawa Innes
Ottawa Ontario
National Storm Solutions. From the time I got the estimate until the handled with the utmost professionalism. I was assured the car would get everyone involved, from the initial trim removal and technicians repairing the damage detailing of the car, you all did and excellent, professional job. new again. I would and will recommend your company to anyone. Richard Irwin. Cornwall, Ontario I could not be more pleased with the results I got from National Storm Solutions. From the time I got the estimate until the repairs were complete, the whole process was handled with the utmost professionalism. I was assured the car would get special care and it did! I want to thank everyone involved, from the initial trim removal and technicians repairing the damage all way through to reassembly, cleanup and detailing of the car, you all did and excellent, professional job.
Thank all of you so much, the car looks like new again. I would and will recommend your company to anyone.
Richard Irwin. Cornwall, Ontario
Hail up until 2013 was something we have never had to deal with. Our two New Vehicle Dealerships were hit in the Summer of 2013. Every vehicle in both inventories was damaged, except for approxiamately 9 units.
We were approached by several hail companies and proceeded to get things fixed after the insurance company did their inspections. We setup for National Storm to do the majority of the work, and a couple other companies did a few units here and there. National Storm was by far the best compared to others in all aspects such as efficiency, quality, proper invoicing, moulding replacernents, respect, customer involvernent, flexibility and honesty.
If we ever get hail damage in the future we will trust National Storm to help us out again.
Phil West
AllRoads Dodge / Downtown GM
St. Marys, Ontario
Confronted by the damage of this year’s hail storm, we had to quickly find a reliable, professional team of paintless dent repair technicians to handle this hail catastrophe. This is where National Storm Solutions carne in. Th$’ were on site with their portable estirnation centre, writing estirnates together with our insurance partners the next day.
The amount of positive feedback that we have received from our valued custorners is phenornenal. The most common thing we hear from our customers is “My car is fixed already? Amazingl That was fast!”
Their quality worknnanship is also backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, all of these thir» make National Storm Solutions our number pick for all hail repair
Ward Dawson. Owner / Operator – J&A Collision Centers