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Software Solution

National Storm Solutions is leading the way with software solutions that make insurance claims easy from start to finish. Whether you are handling 100 claims or 5000 claims our hail claim software solutions will increase the accuracy and efficiency of your hail claims. Some of the benefits our software provide are:
Digital Estimates
By having all the estimates done digitally, we are able to virtually eliminate all human made errors that occur with calculations and missed panels.
Electronic Paper Trails
Since the whole claim is tracked and recorded digitally in real time, you never have to worry about the status of any particular claim.
Digitally Managed Appointment Scheduling
All estimates that need to be booked are done with our software. By doing this we are able to maximize the amount of estimates done and minimize the waiting time for our customers.
Faster Claim Turnaround
Our software allows for claims to be submitted and transferred digitally minimizing delays. The ability to communicate in the cloud means timely delays are reduced since everything happens instantaneously.