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Jesse, I have compiled statistics from our certifications in Canada. I thought you would be interested in where your team lines up with the other companies in Canada. You mentioned that the test seemed easy to you. Considering that you landed in the top 10% of all Masters and in the top 6% of all Technicians, I can see why you said that. You should be proud of this achievement!

Also, your team is the only team to have two Level 3 Masters (almost 1/3 of all Level 3 Masters), another fact to brag about considering your team represents only 14% of Certified Technicians. Even more impressive is that of the seven Level 3 Masters, you and Louis are the only ones to do it in three scans (all the other Level 3 Masters took four scans). This puts you in “the best of the best” #2 tech in Canada. You truly are at the top of your game. Congratulations!!

Alan L Anderson, AIC, GRP
Property Programs Director
Vale Training Solutions

Level 3

Repair time of under 20 minutes per panel & no more than four scans total during the test

Level 2

Repair time between 20 minutes and less than 40 minutes per panel & no more than six scans total during the test

Level 1

Repair time of more than 40 minutes per panel or more than six scans total during the test

After our entire lot was damaged by the 2012 Ottawa hail storm, we decide to hire 4 of Canada’s largest company’s to get our severely damaged vehicles repair. Almost immediately the company’s empty promises started to stack up and one by one they where fired. National Storm Solutions  was now the last company to depend upon. And they pulled off the operation without a glitch.

NSS is honest, professional, kept promises, deadlines, quality went above and beyond where other company’s would not. At the end of day, there was only one team that exceeded our expectations and helped turn this devastating experience into a positive.

When I was asked if I could be used as a reference my reply was anytime! I will not only give a reference but I encourage them to do so and quite honestly, I look forward to each and every time.

Michel, BEL-AIR Lexus Toyota
Owner / Dealer Principal